The company will provide each employee with a safe and healthy place in which to work. Further, the company shall provide a safe and healthy environment for visitors and suppliers etc. who are required to enter the company premises and or factory. The company will ensure that safe plant, machinery and equipment are provided for all management and workers so that safe and healthy work practices are employed. The company in implementing this policy will observe relevant occupational health and safety legislation as outlined in the factories and other places of Work Act and the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act, among other legislation. To achieve this, the company will maintain an Occupational Health and Safety program. This program will focus responsibilities and resources in the areas of accident and injury prevention, hazard removal and control, health and welfare preservation, the development of safe and healthy work practices, the promotion of health and safety awareness, the provision of training in safe and healthy work practices, the compliance with health and safety legislation and the rehabilitation of injured employees and consultative mechanisms. Overall responsibility for occupational health and safety at the Company rests with the company management. Further, all management and the workers have a general responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The broad parameters of these specific responsibilities are set out in the company’s policy document titled “Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Objectives and Duties”. The success of Occupational Health and Safety Policy rests on the commitment of management at all levels to its successful implementation and to the involvement and commitment of management and workers.