SANJAC wants to be a responsible company that is safe,fair and attractive for employees to work in a company that treats its partners in a fair and honest way. To work with suppliers who follow similar principles. We have formulated how we want to operate as a responsible company in our CSR strategy. IMPLEMENTATION  A code of conduct was introduced at Sanjac in January 2013. This document lists out how we conduct ourselves and our business so that we comply with rules and regulations. It encourages all Sanjac employees to always do the right thing.  Most Sanjac production units are registered on the social responsibility platform QMS. QMS offers a system for collecting and analyzing information on ethical and responsible business practices in our supply chain. We register data in four ways; • Labour standards • Health and safety • The environment • Business ethics Its important that we systematically get CSR related matrics. In order to assimilate data and to generate credible reports, we use a web-based energy, travel, waste, water and carbon accounting platform.